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About Us

Martial Arts Education Society (MAES) is a non-profit and volunteer organization devoted to spreading awareness of the martial arts by educating people in the discipline, philosophy, history, and culture of the martial arts.

Traditional martial arts such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Aikido have long been an important form of physical education and character education not only in East Asian countries, but also the rest of the world. According to a martial arts participation report conducted by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, there were over 5.3 million martial arts participants in the United States alone during the year of 2013. The common perception of martial arts training is that the training is primarily concerned with physical activities. However, traditional martial arts practice is even more concerned with an ultimate goal of improvement of mind and body.

In today’s society, many people focus heavily on fast-tracking and instant gratification; their mindset towards everyday living has changed. Traditional martial arts may help practitioners improve their mind and body, develop ethical self-conduct, and build unity among members. Like sports, martial arts practice has been credited with various benefits such as physical fitness, health improvement, and stress relief for youth. Martial arts training has proved to be beneficial to youth by increasing their leadership capabilities and self-confidence. Numerous public and private organizations have developed training programs to help children and youth overcome social-emotional challenges and improve self-awareness and present-focus by implementing traditional martial arts practice.

In order to promote traditional martial arts as a form of character education and improve the teaching of martial arts education, martial arts educator, William Kwok, founded MAES in 2018. The organization aims to promote the positive values of traditional martial arts and the cultures of the training environments that allow positive role modeling, moral leadership, and caring relationships to the general public.

Our Mission

  • Produce educational materials including documentaries and publications on a wide range of martial arts topics ranging from
    1. character development for children through traditional martial arts training to
    2. applications of the core values of traditional martial arts in modern society to
    3. evolution of martial arts techniques based on movement science theories.
  • Organize traditional martial arts workshops and exhibitions for the general public.
  • Advance scholarly research in the martial arts.
  • Cooperate with specialists in other disciplines to interpret developments of martial arts education in a broad historical context.
  • Encourage cooperation among specialists in the martial arts and education throughout the world in joint studies and the exchange of knowledge.
  • Cooperate with other organizations and professional educators throughout the world.

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